For my Christian Text adventure compilation download HERE.

Sherlock Gnomes and the Floating Castle Mysteries

This is an online Murder Mystery game where you are Sherlock Gnomes out to crack the hardest cases. It is not a Christian game as such but is great fun and causes you to use your brain.

There will soon be a downloadable trial of a complete package of many mysteries in one. Online you will only find one mystery at a time.

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Click here to see about my free Graphics/Audio Text adventure download called The Sojourner  - this is now in two parts.

If this is not available then you can download part one as part of my four game package HERE (Christian Text Adventure Games) -  10,000+ downloads with reviews like ,"Way to go whoever made this game! It rocks!!", and "Fabulous! Great clean Christian games!").


CAUGHT IN THE WEB - Help File Point & Click game H

This is a Christian point and click adventure game where you are trapped in Cyber Space in the Dark Pages. You must find clues and piece them together to escape the Dark Pages and get back into reality! Full of adventure, humour and Christian learning experiences, this game will appeal to kids of all ages. The game uses a six-dice special system that adds great randomness to the game and makes it more exciting.

A special prize awaits those that complete this quest and every 20th correct answer will get the prize of a Christian CD-ROM at no charge whatsoever!



FISH TALES - Help file mystery solving game

This is a Christian detective game where you have to match the fish to the mysteries. It teaches about the nine Spiritual Gifts in a fun way.  It is in multimedia enabled windows Help file point and click format.

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