The 7 Rings Of Marriage!

Topic: Marriage

The seven rings of marriage start just before the boy dates the girl, and go well into the marriage relationship. He will...

1. Give her a TELEPHONE RING. When she finally accepted his date,

2. Go to her house & give her a DOORBELL RING which means he goes to her house.

3. After some time of courtship, they are ready for the ENGAGEMENT RING.

4. Later they decided to stay together, then they go for WEDDING RING.

5. After wedding ring, the husband will give the wife SUFFERING when she has a baby because of painful birth.

6. Due to having baby & more commitments, the couple will be in a BOXING RING which means lots of quarrelling.

7. Now they will learn how to go through even with much quarrels, they will follow Jesus' example of PERSEVERING to the end!

That's just a rough summary of the 7 rings but pray to God for more revelation as to how to bring this message across prospective couples!

By Shendy Gibson.