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Online Sermon Illustrations...

The Biblical Studies Foundation A-Z of illustrations:

Oz Sermon Illustrations - Great sermon illustration site from down under.

Higher Praise Illustrations - Many A-Z Illustrations -  Many illustrations.

Tan's Illustrations - Samples from the book.

Net 153 Illustrations

Sermon - Huge searchable database.

Sermon Illustrator - Thousands of online illustrations.

Sermon Centrals searchable database of Illustrations and sermons.

Inspirational Christian Stories and Poems Archive:

Pastor Jim's Illustrations Plus:

The Pastor's Help Sermon Illustrations:

Holwick's Links to the best free Sermon Illustration sites:

The Jesus Site Illustrations: 

Offline downloadable Illustration databases...

For Holwick's FREE Illustration database download (in help file form with 1500 illustrations) click here.

More Christian Jokes and Humour Sites...

2000 Christian Best humor links:

The Christian Humor Hotline:

Reverend Fun Christian Cartoons:

ECULAUGH - Christian Jokes Forum:

The Jesus Site Jokes: 

Famous Quotes....

Jonathan Robert's database of Christian Quotes:

TPCN Quotation Centre:

John Bartlett's Familiar Quotations:

The Jesus Site Quotes: 

Sermon Databases....

Sermon Central :

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