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Hi, my name is Rev. Tim Gibson.

Welcome to my  Bible Studies and resources site. Click on the links above for my other sites. I am an Englishman who has been living in Singapore for over 20 years, now pastoring the English service of Church of Singapore (Bukit Timah). I am married to Shendy, a Singaporean Chinese, and we have three beautiful kids. Click on the Gibson Gazette banner to see our news.

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I have written many worship songs over the years. Click HERE or on the picture to the left to hear some of them.

Click here or on the book cover to the left to view my eBook of Christian Cartoons, Jokes and Quotes. It contains all the cartoons I have drawn over the years that I have used in my teaching.

Click on the links below for my online and downloadable Bible Teaching:

Click here to view my online flash booklet  about The Fear and Favour of God. Click here for the epub ebook version (for mobile devices).

Click HERE for my Song of Solomon E-book and HERE for the Word Guide that goes with it.

Click HERE for Online Big Picture main Flash Diagram.

Click HERE to go to my online teaching on the Gates of Jerusalem as restored under the leading of Nehemiah. You can also view the complete teaching as a updated FLASH PRESENTATION or download the FULL POWERPOINT PRESENTATION

Click HERE to see my  Spiritual Gifts Assessment printable booklet.

Click HERE to print or download my Spiritual Gifts Worksheet.

Click HERE for my teaching booklet on The Making of the Bible (Doctrine of Scripture).

Click HERE for my Hermeneutics (how to interpret Scripture) Presentation notes and HERE for the student worksheet.

Click on the teaching you want to view....

OT SURVEY 1 - Overview and the Torah

OT SURVEY 2 - Joshua to David

OT SURVEY 3 - Solomon to Nehemiah (Coming Soon)

Click HERE for my Major Prophets booklet teaching material.

Click HERE for my teaching on Theology Proper (The Doctrine of God).

Click HERE for my PowerPoint Teaching on First Corinthians and HERE for the student sheet.

Click HERE for my First Peter downloadable booklet.


View the Prophecy Teaching presentation HERE (.ppt)

Click HERE for the my teaching on Temperaments.

Click HERE for a flash teaching on the Seven Shouts of Jesus from the Cross.

Click HERE for a flash teaching on praying through the Psalms.





Picture Perfect Book


This is my book on seeing God's big Vision for the world and hearing your specific calling within that. It is a clear, Biblical and practical teaching with my own personal anecdotes throughout to illustrate the truths taught.


Click on picture to buy the book or HERE to download the eBook version.


Rev. Tim's Toons

Original Christian cartoons with inspiring and funny poems to go with them by Rev.Tim Gibson

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